Get Your Orange On

4 oz. Nightshade Choclarita®

1 oz. Agavero® Orange*

Rim your glass with sugar.

Combine ingredients, pour over ice, garnish with an orange slice, and enjoy!


*for a lighter beverage add

2 oz. of orange flavored sparkling water.

Choclarita Freeze

6 oz. Nightshade Choclarita®

1 oz. half & half

1 cup of ice


Put all ingredients in a blender and

process until ice is smooth.

Pour into a glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick and shaved dark chocolate.

Choc Full

1 Bottle Nightshade Choclarita®

3 of your Favorite People

4 glasses with ice

Quesadillas for Four


Mix together and watch your

Nightshade Experience

be rich with real flavor.


2 oz. Nightshade Choclarita®

2 oz. Godiva® chocolate liqueur


Rim your glass with chocolate and

chocolate shavings.

Combine Choclarita and Godiva®, pour

into your prepared glass and enjoy.

Choclarita Cocktails