The “Experience” we wanted to offer with Ruby Red Grapefruit in a margarita results in a beautiful chorus of citrus flavors with the subtle touches of blue agave tequila. Add to that the romantic flavor of the damiana and you get a most delightful, sensual margarita with a hint of smoke to enjoy over ice with that someone special. As always, our mission is to create wonderful margaritas just for you !

Our natural ingredients include our custom-blended Blue Agave Silver Tequila, three varietals of grapefruit, a pinch of damiana and a touch of quassia for the complexities they offer. Triple Sec, Lime and natural cane sugar along with natural colors derived from vegetable and fruit juices. Add a 4 oz. serving to your choice of ice blended or on the rocks and you’ll have a wonderful cocktail of 176 calories for an 8 oz. cocktail.

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