When we introduced the Hucklarita as a distinctive margarita with a Northwest twist it became our mission to bring new flavors from other corners of the world to you also. Our Choclarita originates from Aztec influences south of the border and now we're very pleased to bring you the Papayarita which is as fresh as those soft breezes from the tropic regions of every continent on the globe where they are grown. Let your mind take you around the world with the Papayarita from Nightshade. Margaritas that will make you smile !

Our natural ingredients include our custom-blended Blue Agave Silver Tequila and three varietals of papaya. Triple Sec, Lime and natural cane sugar along with natural colors derived from vegetable and fruit juices all add up to be a refreshing tropical margarita. Add a 4 oz. serving to your choice of ice blended or on the rocks and you’ll have a wonderful cocktail of 188 calories for an 8 oz. cocktail.

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2015 WSWA Silver Medal Winner in Ready to Serve  Category

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