In our quest to bring you exciting new taste sensations we introduce chocolate, the Nightshade way. We’ve taken the centuries-old traditions behind Aztec chocolate and combined them with tequila and triple sec to bring you an indulgent, light and distinctive margarita. We’ve seen faces light up in joy and amazement with the first sip and look forward to this delicious combination doing the same for you.

Our natural ingredients include our custom-blended Blue Agave Silver Tequila, three types of chocolate, two cinnamon varietals, and a touch of serrano pepper to achieve the ultimate Aztec chocolate experience in a bottle. Triple Sec, lime and natural cane sugar all combine to achieve a true margarita experience. Add a 4 oz. serving to your choice of ice blended or on the rocks and you’ll have a wonderful cocktail of 195 calories for an 8 oz. cocktail.

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