IMAGINE YOUR FAVORITE PLACE with the people you enjoy being around the most, sipping beverages you’re proud to serve.

The Nightshade Experience is rooted in the concept that better beverages make everything you do better and the story of turning a dream into a real ‘experience.’

Tired of typical cocktails that are too sweet, too artificial, and tequila that is too processed? Too much macho bravado with scorpions, bullets, spiders, and such?

Our goal has been to develop products that are refreshing with a soft taste profile that allows for an appreciation, a fine spirit deserves.

Our mission has been rewarded with the creation of flavors that are unique and quality you’ll taste in every sip.

We searched long and hard about how to name our company; it’s a unique collision of worlds between the wonders of the great Pacific Northwest and the special region of Mexico where Weber Blue Agave plants are cultivated and distilled into the tequilas that supply the world market. The Huckleberry is a member of the Nightshade family of plants. There’s an abundance of connotations and a cryptic yet romantic feeling that seemed perfect for a family of products.

With one of our favorite first cocktails being our “Hucklarita” we felt this to be ‘just right’ for a wonderful identity to build one of your favorite brands on.

We strive to have our cocktails be “Mixologist-Quality” right out of the bottle so you can have your fun being the happy host rather than the busy bartender. We’ll be honored by you coming back for more, and we look forward to pleasing your loyalty with more great products in the future.

We guarantee a unique experience in every sip.